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into the spotlight with a primetime speech aimed at helping president obama win over groups he is struggling with currently, which include white working class men. nbc news white house correspondent kristen welker joins us live from charlotte. the president expected to land within the hour. i understand we have more information what he said to the first lady following her speech. >> that's right, tamron. good afternoon to you. president obama called the first lady right after she finished her speech, told her how proud he was of her, told her what a proud moment it was for the country. the first lady said that that really meant a lot to her, that he placed that phone call. as you know, president obama said he might get misty. i'm trying to figure out if that actually happened. but there is a lot of energy, a lot of excitement here in the wake of her speech last night. one campaign aide said that the whole night was really a already. they're getting ready for tonight. i'm going to let the camera pan off so you can see what's going on right now. folks on stage trying to plan out exactly how th
the conventions took place. but this convention in charlotte gives president obama the opportunity to say, look, we can get a bounce, this is a lot of momentum heading into the election day on november 6th. >> you point out he's not seen a bounce at least so far. what does that mean? >> well, you just -- what essentially that means is with the white house and the obama campaign really want to accomplish here is get a lot of excitement out. i have to say, tamron, i was in tampa, the mood was subdued due to isaac. as you can tell behind me, everyone is very fired up. that's one of the things they really want to get across. the other thing is they want to tell the president's story and really move forward. that's the message that they want to tell. >> all right, mark murray, thank you very much. we'll talk more about the gallup numbers later and as our team points out, it may have obama feeling confident after struggling this weekend to answer the question are you better off now than you were four years ago. team obama trying to get on one message, one accord, as they head into their convention. >
the campaign season, four years ago, how there was an attempt by the president's rivals, candidate obama at the time, to demonize michelle obama. she even said she felt there was an attempt to make her this angry black woman. that does not exist any more. that character has been beat back. but here you have a person, an individual woman, who there's a lot resting on her shoulders today to talk about the values that women can find relatable, including the economy. not just certainly about women's health issues and healthcare, it is about the economy and how it impacted women. >> yes. she worked very hard over the last four years since the middle of the last campaign it figure out what they're public profile should be. how she can conduct herself in way the whole country can relate to and not to get into things that could be misinterpreted. her role tonight is easier. she has already defined it. and she's got to be talking about her husband as a person and telling their story. she is not going to be wading into some of the partisan fight as we have been discussing. she is really going to b
with governor romney where he appears to be stepping up his attacks on president obama after a bad three weeks going after president obama's policies both foreign and domestic. this this new interview just took place. the governor is minutes away from kicking off a so-called victory rally in the battleground state of colorado that's also the place where the first debate will take place next week. en route to that event, governor romney gaich an interview to nbc's peter alexander. romney pushed back against polling in a number of battleground states that show him trailing significantly. >> ir think this is an election about a choice between two different paths. this is a pcampaign about choic. as peek focus more and more on the path forward, i'm convinced they'll conclude that we can't afford four more years like the last four years. we're going to win. there's no question in my mind. we're going to win. >> governor romney trying to hit the president's comments he made during his 60 minutes enter roux regards the middle east that aired last night. >> i was pretty certain and continue to be pret
would try to learn from him. the most important lesson this week is president obama can't do this alone. he needs confederates. jack kennedy once said we don't need friends, we need confederates. we need people out there in the field fight our cause. that's what you need. i want to see michelle. i want to see rahm emanuel. i want to see governor patrick. i want to see all those people out in the field, bill clinton leading the way as confederates for this guy. they can't go back in to putting their staff on television. give me a brk. nobody wants to hear from the staff. they want to hear from grown-up politicians. it's an election. those are the people who can vouch -- how can you vouch for your boss? he's paying your salary. you want to hear a guy vouch for you who's got their own constituencies and has some authority. i don't understand why they keep packing shows with staffers. people want to hear from grown-ups. show you've got followers. they've got to get out there and show some backbone and defend this guy. i really mean this. >> i can teleyl you mean it by your inflection. >> un
>> i need you to go out and find someone that voted for barack obama and get them to vote for me, all right. >> romney's pitch comes as polling shows president obama has the advantage in nine battleground states including razor-thin leads in north carolina and nevada and a bigger lead in mitt romney's vacation destination, new hampshire. all of it comes with a new headline from politico. in the end, it's mitt. all of us making a first presidential debate, which is less than one week away now even more critical for the governor. let's bring in "news nation" panel. david godfrin, michael and steve daise, conservative radio talk show host. thanks to you for being with me on this friday. steve, let me start with you. these new poll numbers, the head-to-head showing the president now ahead in all three states, north carolina, nevada and new hampshire. new hampshire, of course, romney's home away from home where he has a vacation spot. governor romney's favorables continue to be underwater in all but north carolina now. combine these numbers with what we've seen all week, how worried a
>>> hi, everyone. i'm tamron hall. we're following breaking news right now. president obama expected to land in florida any moment within the hour. the president is expected to address and even take questions at a forum hosted by univision and facebook. it's the same event that governor romney addressed last night. as we wait to hear what the president will say, the political world is buzzing over what seems to be governor romney's leap to the left a little bit anyway on issues like health care, immigration, and gay rights. >> i'm not going to be rounding people up and deporting them out of the country. we'll put in place a permanent solution. i have experience in health care reform. now and then the president says i'm the grandfather of obama care. i don't think he meant that as a compliment, but i'll take it. individuals should be able to pursue a relationship of love and respect and raise a family they would choose. i can see hospital visitation and rights and similar things provided to individuals. marriage for me continues to be a relationship between a man and woman. >
altogether. two days ago from this podium, president obama reiterated that the threat of a nuclear-armed iran cannot be contained. i very much appreciate the president's position, as does everyone in my country. we share the goal of stopping iran's nuclear weapons program. this goal unites the people of israel, it unites americans, democrats and republicans alike, and it is shared by important leaders throughout the world. what i have said today will help ensure that this common goal is achieved. le israel is in discussions with the united states over this issue, and i'm confident we can chart a path forward together. ladies and gentlemen, the clash between it need not be a clash between progress and tradition. the traditions of the jewish people go back thousands of years. they're the source of our collective values, the foundations of our national strength. at the same time the jewish people have always looked towards the future. throughout history we've been at the forefront of efforts to expand liberty, promote equality, and advance human rights. we championed these principles not in spit
to be trailing after the democratic convention. president obama is pulling ahead in the upper midwest. i think this may be less about -- this is only mitt romney, and mitt has to be mitt and it's all about mitt. this runs deeper than that. this is a sort of recentering of the american electorate we're witnessing. >> let's go back to the political article. it isn't the chair or the ho-hum convention or the looked video or stewart stevens or the improving economy or media bias or the message or mormonism. it's mitt. is it that simple? is the problem at the end of the day that it's the candidate himself? it's mitt romney who perhaps isn't what some thought he would be in terms of a candidate? >> i think it's some of the intangibles that surround the race, but i think largely it's the candidate himself. the problem, as i perceive it, is he's trying to please too many different bosses. he had to attack far to the right craig to win the primary process. he survived it. i thought there was going to be a leftward move towards the center to put him more where he was at the governor of massachusetts. it
to hit him on other things. >> one thing, though, ron, the obama campaign said, though, if romney loses ohio it is likely game over. is there a sense that the republican campaign is feeling that pressure? >> reporter: yeah. i think they're acknowledging they're behind. they don't believe it's game over and no republican president ever has gotten to the white house without taking ohio and even though he's behind, campaign insiders saying that their internal polling is much closer race than the public polls and will leave them where they are. they think they have a fight in ohio on their hands. >> ron mott reporting. now christin welker in bowling green. >> reporter: good afternoon to you. president obama just wrapped up his speech at bowling green state university. he spoke before a pretty excited crowd of more than 5,000 people. heard you talking about the importance of ohio. this is president obama's 13th trip to ohio just this year. so that gives you a sense of just how important it really is to his overall campaign strategy and it comes about a week before early voting begins here in
has tried sanctions with iran under the leadership of president obama, the international community has passed some ofhe strongest sanctions to date. i wa to thank the governments reenhehave joined in this effort. it's had an effect. oil exports have been curbed, and the iranian economy has been hit hard. it's had an effect on the eco ecy, wust face the truth. sanctions have not stopped iran's nuclear program either. according to the international atomic energy agency, during the st year alone iran has doubled the mber oftresn its underground nuclear facility. at this late hour there's only one way to peacefully prevent iran from getting atomibombs. that'sy pla a clear, red line on iran's nuclear weapons program. [ applause ] re lin'tea to war. red lines prevent war. just look at nato's charter. it made ear that an attack on one membecountry would be considered an aack o all. nato red line heldo k the peace in europe for nearly half a century. president kennedy selt a red lineuring the cuban missile crisis. that red line also prevented war and helped preserve the peace for decas. in fac
are back on the campaign trail. you saw that after the convention yesterday ended. president obama and mitt romney will swap locations in the next couple of hours, possibly passing each other in midair. t the president goes from new hampshire to iowa, while governor romney heads in the opposite direction from iowa to new hampshire. you see the board there. the president ends the day, though, in florida. kristen welker is traveling with the president. peter alexander is following mitt romney. we begin with kristen in iowa city. we were listening to the president's remarks and he did not off the top address the jobs report. >> reporter: that's right, he didn't, tamron. this is obviously not welcome news to the president, to the white house, or to the obama campaign, but he did address it essentially trying to down-play it focusing on the fact that the economy did add some jobs as you heard there in that sound bite you played. behind the scenes they're trying to down-play this really disappointing jobs report. one senior administration official saying it's just more proof that the economy is i
the last four years. bigger government, stimulus. >> meanwhile, president obama is also in ohio trying to hold on to that lead there. according to theat qupioll, ten points ahead and taking no chances. the president hammering his opponent at an event moments ago. >> i don't believe we can get very far wit leaders who wte off half the nation as a bunch spbi fhe o ne lives. and i've got to tell you. as i travel around ohio and as i look out on this crowd i don't see a lot of victims. i see hard working ohios. >> straight out on the trail and covering both cig nn w ron mott on the phone with congressman paul ryan's event in ohio. we have heard several messages over the last week of the republican campaign. what do we exct to hear today? >> reporter: thomas, good day to you. coressn ryusan hen wa to the event. we are at walker manufacturing making lawn mowers and we think the message is one governor romney brought here two days a is that the economy cannot stand another four years of the president's failed economic licies and there out here in the mounin wtheat plains and hear congressman
in an hour. the republican nominee is trailing president obama in that state. no republican presidentl nominee has won the white house without winning ohio, and that is exactly why romney is there today meeting with factory workers. that new poll just mentioned shows president obama with a 7--point lead in ohio. if romney loses ohio the team says he has to win almost every other swing state. now, this all follows the governor interview with "meet the press" where he appeared to flounder when pushed on specifics regarding his policy proposals. >> you haven't specified where you'd cut loopholes in particular. give me an example a loophole you will close. >> people at the high end, high income tax taxpayers will have fewer deductions and exemptions, those numbers will come down. i say we'll replace obama care, and i'm replacing it with my own plan. >> you keep that as part of the federal plan? >> i'm not getting rid of all of health care reform, of course. >> as romney sat down for that interview, news came of the bounce for president obama following the democratic national convention. ro
americans to stay off the streets. in the past hour president obama issued a new warning. >> i want people around the world to hear me, to all those that would do us harm, no act of terror will go unpunished. it will not dim the light of the values that we proudly present to the rest of the world. no act of violence shakes the resolve of the united states of america. >> earlier today secretary of state hillary clinton stepped up her criticism of the anti-muslim film that first prompted the protests. >> to us, to me personally, this video is disgusting and reprehensib reprehensible. it appears to have a deeply cynical purpose to denigrate a great religion and to provoke rage. >> joining me now live from cairo, nbc's similar maceda. give us the best description of how things are right now. >> reporter: well, ironically benghazi remained calm today. if you look at it, perhaps the libyan government's quick crackdown there on those alleged perpetrators. four individuals were arrested today. there's a manhunt going on that might have had a tamping-down effort. even there in benghazi, the u.s. go
," for instance, that red romney hits reset on campaign as he trails obama. "the new york times" writing amid discord, romney seeks to sharpen message. "the washington post" headline reads the romney campaign is in trouble. there's a new report in politico describing disorder within the romney campaign. it features anonymous campaign sources blames stewart stooerchs for the many campaign missteps to date. today babe buchanan told chuck todd that the report is false. >> this story is ridiculous. i have been, as you said, in many presidential campaigns. the key to a good one in governor romney is absolutely clear about this, he doesn't want yes people. he wants people who are going to tell him exactly what he thinks. so you have a good table, good strong discussion and a final decision is made by the governor. >> let's bring in our "news nation" political monday for this monday. michael is also an msnbc contributor and jonathan kalikyo and we have amy stoddard for the hill. good afternoon all three of you. michael, i want to start with an interesting assessment from the washington post today. i
president obama gaining ground. our new nbc news/wall street journal" poll has the president at the key number, 50%. that's a five-point edge over governor romney and not only nationally. a brand new quinnipiac poll shows the president widening the lead in the key swing states of colorado, virginia and in vice presidential nominee's home state, paul ryan, wisconsin. the president now at 51%. but again, as politico points out, the game is not over yet and they're not the only ones pointing to that obvious note out. let's bring in the news nation political panel for this lovely wednesday. erin mcpike and democratic strategist keith boykin and steve dais. you are no fan of mitt romney. you said he should not be the nominee and dpaugt him hard campaigning in iowa this time and four years ago. is this the man you expected, the guy that said these peoples are victims and appear to not show very much concern for that 47% that he referred to? >> well, i want to take you back to some things i said in the primary, tamron. if you might recall, i told your audience to look at the contested proo e m
bein netanyahu, president obama said containment of a nuclear iran was no option and warned that the united states will, quote, do what it must. >> america wants to resoe this issue through diplomacy, and we believ e' still time and space to do so. that time is not limited. >> the president defended the right to free speech while at the same time condemning the murder of an american ambassador and attacking the embassies ovseas >>reooro excusing the killing of innocence, no video to stifying the attack on the embas embassy. >> joini me now both of "time" magazi. thank you for your time. a lot gng on today. interestingly enough have to starthismeffy sg thesent givg this big foreign policy speech before the u.n., he just tweeted out about the nfl referee situation. don't know what that says, if he is just comfortable foreign policy wise lng t lls,he showing he can juggle a bunch of things but nernls the president's personal signature saying nfl on both sides of the aisle hopes the lockout is over so. ma sense of it. ie sit hours he rublins he's retwooeting about the nfl refs.
romney has announced he'll release his 2011 tax returns in one hour. in the meantime president obama ripping into mitt romney's latest line of attack in an afternoon campaign stop speaking at a rally in virginia. the president said this of romney's accusations that he's given up on changing washington. >> i made this same point in a town hall in florida. i said one thing i've learned is that you can't change washington just from the inside. for some reason my opponent got really excited. he rewrote his speech real quick. he stood up at a rally, proudly declared, i'll get the job done from the inside. what kind of inside job is he talking about? >> this started when governor romney's team tried to get traction by going after the president 'remarks he made at the univision forum regarding bringing change to washington. >> i learned lesson over the last four years, and the most important lessons i've learned is you can't change washington from the inside. >> the president today threw in the white flag of surrender again. >> here's one of the problems. four years ago governor romney said
on the internet that rid cutes prophet muhammad. hillary clinton and president obama promised swift action. >> today we mourn four more americans who represent the very best of the united states of america. we will not waiver in our commitment to see that justice is done for this terrible act and make no mistake, justice will be done. >> the friendship between our countries born out of shared struggle will not be another casualty of this attack. a free and stable libya is still in america's interest and security. and we will not turn our back on that. >> meanwhile, mitt romney condemned the loss of american lives but he also seized on the attacks even before daybreak slamming the administration's response in what became a fierce back and forth between the two campaigns. romney then doubled down this morning. >> i spoke out when the key fact that i referred to was known which was that the embassy of the united states issued what appeared to be an apology for american principles. that was a mistake. and i believe that when a mistake is made of that significance you speak out. >> we start our
guard association conference in reno, nevada. we'll bring you his comments. president obama and mitt romney both suspended the presidential campaigns and suspended advertising today. there is news from the campaign trail. it includes a new "washington post"/abc news poll that shows among likely voters the race is deadlocked after the conventions. president obama has a single--point lead over mitt romney. among all registered voters, president obama holds a six-point lead, 50-44. joining me live now, "washington post" deputy national political editor ann cornbloom. also cnbc contributor as well as keith boykin. let's start off with this poll here. as i mentioned likely voters versus registered voters here. help us make sense of these numbers at least comes out now. >> well, we always draw a distinction when we look at polls between talking to all americans and those who are registered to stroet and those who show a propensity of voting. you you look at voting history and ask how likely they are to vote in this election. that's the distinction here. as you get closer to election day, y
obama supporters, 47% of them, failed to take responsibility for them. >> the 47% are with them, they believe they're victims and believe that government has a responsibility to care for them. who believe they're entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you name it. that's an entitlement, and government should give it to them. they will vote for this president no matter what. >> new remarks from governor romney expected in a few hours. he's not addressed the comments since that hastily planned news conference late last night where he double downed. >> well, you know, it's not elegantly stated. let me put it that way. i'm speaking off the cuff in response to a question, and i'm sure i could state it more clearly in a more effective way. it's a message i'm going to carry and continue to carry. look, the president's approach is attractive to people who are not paying taxes because frankly my discussion about lowering taxes isn't as attractive it to them. therefore, i'm not likely to draw them into my campaign as effectively as though in the middle. >> that the best the gove
president obama, vice president biden, and secretary of state hillary clinton along with leon panetta will attend a ceremony at andrews air force base to mark the return of the bodies of the four americans killed in libya. this is a picture of the plane that brought the bodies back to the united states. back to their families. both the president and secretary of state will speak at the ceremonies and family members will be present. u.s. ambassadors chris stevens, foreign service information management officer sean smith. and former navy seal tyrone jones and glen doerty were providing security for ambassador smith were all killed in tuesday's attack in benghazi, libya. meantime angry protests spread today throughout the muslim world including jerusalem and the west bank along gaza. u.n. peacekeepers were also attacked by protesters. no casualties reported. in tunisia protesters stormed the u.s. embassy setting fires and battling with tunisian security forces. two people were killed. another 29 injured. in all protests broke out today in at least 17 nations from north africa across the
Search Results 0 to 39 of about 40 (some duplicates have been removed)

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